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Muhammad Fareez Iqmal


🎉 Added support for MacOS. Now you can install IIUM Schedule on your Macbook! Download the app here.

iium schedule macbook


Despite the screenshot above includes iPhone, IIUM Schedule is not available on iOS (not published to App Store). You can try deploying to your device on your own.

New features

  • ✨ Added highlight for current day in schedule view. #74
  • 🍱 Added support for themed icons (Available on Android 13+). When themed icons is enabled from the system settings, the app icon will follow the device themes. Screenshot themed icons

Other changes

  • ✏️ New default when selecting session & semester - Session: 2023/2024, Semester: 1session sem screenshot selector
  • 💄 Fix some minor isues in UI

GitHub Releases

Muhammad Fareez Iqmal

Minor fixes

  • 🐛 Fixed issue where the start time of the exam display wrongly. #92
    • I arrived early at the exam venue because I thought the exam starts at 2pm 😂. No wonder no people come yet at that time. Aiyaa final year final semester student already... 🤦‍♂️
  • 🐛 The exam now will mark as finished only after the exam ends (+3 hrs from the start time). #93

GitHub Releases

Muhammad Fareez Iqmal

What's Changed

  • 🆕 Finished exam will now will be strikethrough instead of just removing them from the view.

    Screenshot exam strikethrough

  • ⬆️ Upgrade dependencies

  • ⬆️ Bump minimum SDK version to 19 (Android 4.4 KitKat).

GitHub Releases