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What's New

  • 💄 Redesigned subject viewer - Replaced the dialog with a full page (Only for saved schedule, for unsaved subject, the dialog remains)
    • Why? Because previously, when using dialog and user want to edit, the dialog will glitch a bit. It was caused due to the widget rebuilds. This is bad for the UX, hence this changes. Plus, it looks nicer to the eyes too (in my opinion lah..) Old vs new subject layout
  • 📱 Responsive layout - Adapt for wide screen devices (eg desktop or tablet) - this is just the beginning, I'm planning to responsivenessify (make responsive) of other UI elements. responsive home
  • ➕ Upgrade dependencies
  • 🔧 Exposes option to increase/decrease schedule text sizes for all platforms. For small screen devices, the option will be in the overflow menu. [Screenshot]
  • 🎨 System navigation bar now follow the app theme. Unfortunately, there is new issue from this change. See known issues
  • ✏️ Fixed incorrect tooltip label. [Screenshot]
  • ✏️ Removed stray } character in toast message.
  • 🧑‍💻 [DEV]

Known issues

  • While you can tap and hold the text you wanted to Copy, the option Copy will not reappear (bruh) when you resize the handler. This issue is tracked in #68
  • Icon on system's bottom navigation bar may not be visible in some phones. Tracked in #70

GitHub Releases

GitHub Releases


  • 💅🏾 New Material 3 (Material You) redesign. Thanks to @ElyasAsmad #52

    • On supported devices, the app theme will match the device dynamic colour (wallpaper/accent colour).

    material 3 screenshots

  • ✨ Added pull-to-refresh feature. Thanks to @ElyasAsmad. #51

    • On saved schedule, pull the schedule to refresh subjects data (eg: venue) [Watch demo video]
  • 📜 Schedule can now be directly imported from I-Ma'luum (class timetable). Be sure to select the correct semester and session in the i-ma'luum before downloading it to the app. [Watch demo video] #26

    • Unfortunately, this feature is available on Android only. For web and Windows users, you may import the JSON file from i-Ma'luum instead.


  • 🚚 Migrated database from Hive to Isar. This migration is needed to fix issues related to schedule data. Worry not, your previously saved schedule are retained.
  • 🐛 Edited schedule now persists when user exited the app #47
  • ⚡ Force highest available refresh rate for certain devices. Thanks to @ElyasAsmad. #58
  • ⚡ Previously when creating schedule, the schedule in validator page will not refresh (require manual refresh) when user go back and make changes in the input course page. Now, the issue was fixed. The validator page will refresh automatically based on the input courses. I know you don't understand this part. Long story short, bug is squashed 💀
  • ✏️ Set default semester to Semester 2 (Session 2022/2023)
  • 💄 Redesign JSON import. [Screenshot]
  • 🔧 Added ability to parse some subject days format. So, you'll no longer see a weird grey area in course browser. #42
  • 🥅 JSON input is now validated. Incorrect format will be rejected. 023f1ef
  • ❤️ Added favourites. When search for subject in course browser, the subject can now be favourited by tapping the heart icon. favourite subject
  • 👥 Added link to contributors in about app dialog.
  • ⬆️ Upgraded framework to Flutter 3.7
  • ⬆️ Upgraded app dependencies
  • ⬆️ Raised minSdkVersion to API level 17 (Android 4.2)

If you found any issues or bug in this release, feel free to let me know via GitHub Issues or by sending a feedback. Any suggestions for future improvements is also very welcomed.

Known issues

  • This release is not published to the web due Isar incompatibility for Web. See #60
  • Sometimes, the last modified date is not updated when the schedule is modified (changing venue, colours etc.).

GitHub Releases


  • ✨ Added support for Postgraduate studies. Postgraduate students can now browse for course or create schedule using the app. demo-gif
  • 💄 Move the version number closer to the left
  • ⬆️ Upgrade dependencies

GitHub Releases


Responding to your feedback & suggestions, I've added the following:

  • ✨ Added ability to edit saved subject. Currently only changing venue property is possible. Partially fixes issue #37

    demo video

  • ✨ Added ability to delete individual saved subject. Issue #37

    demo video

  • ✨ Added ability to add subject. Fixes #38

    demo video

  • ✨ Add Usrah in Action prompt in COCU page in course browser, due to I think some of us can't find it and thinking the courses in not available in app.

    screenshot usrah

  • ✨ Kulliyyah other than main kulliyyah (eg: COCU etc), in course validator are now automatically overriden. So you won't need to override manually.

    gif override kulliyyah

  • 🚸 Add hints to save the schedule first before editing in schedule layout and its dialog. So you would no the schedule is customizable, but there is a need of some extra steps. Also, if you've noticed, I've added the section information in the dialog, so you would not accidentally enter the wrong class

    screenshot hint save

  • 🚸 Add hint in input scope to select the main kulliyyah. Initial implementation of #41

  • 💄 Update button theme to improve visibility in dark mode

  • ✏️ Added session (academic year) and semester to metadata dialog.

  • 🍱 Update web og:image metatag asset

  • 🧑‍💻 [DEV]

    • Add uuid (for future implementation), session and semester in SavedSchedule Hive object.