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Muhammad Fareez Iqmal

GitHub Releases

Alhamdulillah ala kulli hal, after about a year of (sporadic) development, I'm proud to announce the first stable release of IIUM Schedule app!

Come seat, let me tell you a backstory...

Students are quite familiar ClassUp app. ClassUp allow students to generate beautiful schedule and allow many customizations. Usually the schedule will be set as lock screen to view the schedule in a glance.

This is my schedule back in CFS:

My CFS classup schedule

I liked it, but to make a new schedule, I had to fill the information manually; the subject name, the venue, time and so on. Urghh, is there an easy way to just read my CRS (course confirmation slip) and generate a schedule from it?

This is where I stumbled upon SemiAutomatic Schedule Maker by asdacap. It's a great tool, and I've been using it for every semester. The tool allows me to enter the course code and section number, and it will add to the schedule together with lecturer's name, venue, time etc. I immediately loved it.

My schedule while in degree (more practical IMO):

My asdacap's schedule

However, in my opinion, the more mainstream schedule maker among student is ClassUp. Initially I've been looking if ClassUp has any API that I can use. Unfortunately, I couldn't find any. So, here when I taught of combining both of the app pros into one; auto-generate beautiful schedule from i-ma'alum.

IIUM Schedule app

Like my other app, I begin by creating a Flutter project and start developing the UI and basic functionalities. Sometimes the development stalled due to time constraints (you know... university stuffs), but I tried to keep the development slow and steady. I would like to thank PlashSpeed-Aiman for his insights and contributions.

For those whose interested to know the development journey, feel free to see this my devlog on Instagram. There are three part as of know, starting with this.

Okay, enough, before I 'membebel' any further

All in all, reaching stable is a milestone, not an end state. IIUM Schedule will continue to improve and evolve. All I need is your support and contribution to make it better. I'd love to hear your feedback & suggestions. For those who can code, this project is waiting for your awesome pull request. A contribution guideline will be documented in the wiki.