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Muhammad Fareez Iqmal

What's New

  • ✨ Added option to display venue, or section, or default (time) #39 screenshot1

  • 🐛 Fixed some icons are that not tappable in subject page. [Video]

  • 🐛 Fixed Material Banner cannot be dismissed from i-Ma'luum importer #71.

  • 🚸 Added refresh button in i-Ma'luum importer.

  • 🎨 New button style for adding subject from i-Ma'luum importer. screenshot imaluum

  • 🎨 Make subject padding smaller a bit to make some room to its content. cb03f9e

  • 🔥 Removed View details button in subject dialog (I think it's no longer needed) [Screenshot]. Also removed admonitions package

  • ➕ Upgraded dependency - html

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