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Hotfix Update

🐛 Fixes issue where previously saved schedule is missing. [Issue #86]. Thanks to Faruq for reporting this issue.

After installing this update, your previously saved schedule should be restored.

Cause of the issue

On previous release, I've upgraded isar version to version 3.1.0. This version introduced a breaking changes where parameter directory is now required for method. Unfortunately, no migration steps were given, so I refer to the example code. However, the directory defined in example code is on different location of where isar store things in previous release. Hence, previous data is not loaded.

So, I went through deeper to isar issues and find this issue. So in this issue, people discussed the correct directory path that should be passed to to method. Thus, I've updated the code to use the correct directory path. Unfortunately, they didn't discuss for Windows. So' I can't guarantee you'll get you data back or not

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What's New

  • ✨ Added ability to change the schedule's time (This feature has been requested for a long time). Thank you for everyone that propose this feature. #37 demo edit time

  • ✏️ Added hint text about the pull-to-refresh features (Note: This text apprear randomly).

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What's New

  • ✨ Added option to display venue, or section, or default (time) #39 screenshot1

  • 🐛 Fixed some icons are that not tappable in subject page. [Video]

  • 🐛 Fixed Material Banner cannot be dismissed from i-Ma'luum importer #71.

  • 🚸 Added refresh button in i-Ma'luum importer.

  • 🎨 New button style for adding subject from i-Ma'luum importer. screenshot imaluum

  • 🎨 Make subject padding smaller a bit to make some room to its content. cb03f9e

  • 🔥 Removed View details button in subject dialog (I think it's no longer needed) [Screenshot]. Also removed admonitions package

  • ➕ Upgraded dependency - html

GitHub Releases

What's New

  • 💄 Redesigned subject viewer - Replaced the dialog with a full page (Only for saved schedule, for unsaved subject, the dialog remains)
    • Why? Because previously, when using dialog and user want to edit, the dialog will glitch a bit. It was caused due to the widget rebuilds. This is bad for the UX, hence this changes. Plus, it looks nicer to the eyes too (in my opinion lah..) Old vs new subject layout
  • 📱 Responsive layout - Adapt for wide screen devices (eg desktop or tablet) - this is just the beginning, I'm planning to responsivenessify (make responsive) of other UI elements. responsive home
  • ➕ Upgrade dependencies
  • 🔧 Exposes option to increase/decrease schedule text sizes for all platforms. For small screen devices, the option will be in the overflow menu. [Screenshot]
  • 🎨 System navigation bar now follow the app theme. Unfortunately, there is new issue from this change. See known issues
  • ✏️ Fixed incorrect tooltip label. [Screenshot]
  • ✏️ Removed stray } character in toast message.
  • 🧑‍💻 [DEV]

Known issues

  • While you can tap and hold the text you wanted to Copy, the option Copy will not reappear (bruh) when you resize the handler. This issue is tracked in #68
  • Icon on system's bottom navigation bar may not be visible in some phones. Tracked in #70

GitHub Releases