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Muhammad Fareez Iqmal

GitHub Releases


  • 💅🏾 New Material 3 (Material You) redesign. Thanks to @ElyasAsmad #52

    • On supported devices, the app theme will match the device dynamic colour (wallpaper/accent colour).

    material 3 screenshots

  • ✨ Added pull-to-refresh feature. Thanks to @ElyasAsmad. #51

    • On saved schedule, pull the schedule to refresh subjects data (eg: venue) [Watch demo video]
  • 📜 Schedule can now be directly imported from I-Ma'luum (class timetable). Be sure to select the correct semester and session in the i-ma'luum before downloading it to the app. [Watch demo video] #26

    • Unfortunately, this feature is available on Android only. For web and Windows users, you may import the JSON file from i-Ma'luum instead.


  • 🚚 Migrated database from Hive to Isar. This migration is needed to fix issues related to schedule data. Worry not, your previously saved schedule are retained.
  • 🐛 Edited schedule now persists when user exited the app #47
  • ⚡ Force highest available refresh rate for certain devices. Thanks to @ElyasAsmad. #58
  • ⚡ Previously when creating schedule, the schedule in validator page will not refresh (require manual refresh) when user go back and make changes in the input course page. Now, the issue was fixed. The validator page will refresh automatically based on the input courses. I know you don't understand this part. Long story short, bug is squashed 💀
  • ✏️ Set default semester to Semester 2 (Session 2022/2023)
  • 💄 Redesign JSON import. [Screenshot]
  • 🔧 Added ability to parse some subject days format. So, you'll no longer see a weird grey area in course browser. #42
  • 🥅 JSON input is now validated. Incorrect format will be rejected. 023f1ef
  • ❤️ Added favourites. When search for subject in course browser, the subject can now be favourited by tapping the heart icon. favourite subject
  • 👥 Added link to contributors in about app dialog.
  • ⬆️ Upgraded framework to Flutter 3.7
  • ⬆️ Upgraded app dependencies
  • ⬆️ Raised minSdkVersion to API level 17 (Android 4.2)

If you found any issues or bug in this release, feel free to let me know via GitHub Issues or by sending a feedback. Any suggestions for future improvements is also very welcomed.

Known issues

  • This release is not published to the web due Isar incompatibility for Web. See #60
  • Sometimes, the last modified date is not updated when the schedule is modified (changing venue, colours etc.).