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Install app certificates on Windows


To run an app package that is not coming from Microsoft Store, a certificate needs to be installed on the machine beforehand.

Following are the steps to install the bundled certificate for the IIUM Schedule app.

  1. Right-click the installer (.msix file) to open its Properties. Then, go to the Digital Signatures tab.


  2. Double click on the certificate


  3. Then, click on the View Certificate


  4. Click on the Install Certificate...


  5. A Certificate Import Wizard will pop up. In the store location, change to Local Machine.


  6. Click the Place all certificates in the following store button. Then, click on Browse...


  7. A popup window will show displaying all the machine's certificate folders. Select the Trusted Root Certification Authorities. Then, click OK

    cert folder chooser

  8. Click Next

    cert next

  9. Click Finish

    Finishing the certificate installer

  10. A dialog will show to indicate the certificate installation is successful. Click OK to close it.

    dialog successful

  11. Close all the properties & certificate windows.

  12. Finally, re-run the installer. There should be no error message etc. Click on Install to finish the installation.

    install msix package no error